The Company in 2015
Cologno Monzese - The Workshop 1984
Brugherio - The Workshop 1998
Busnago - The Workshop 2015


ECO-TECHNO is the Italian company active in the water management world for the longest time, for the recycle of wastewater and raw materials with vacuum evaporators and biodepuration.

We have four essential pillars:

  • QUALITY: the highest standard with the best materials and always avant-garde in trends, supplies and services
  • EXPERIENCE: a know-how grown in three decades and 3000 installations
  • PROFESSIONALISM: a team of experts to stay with the customer from the project stage to the final installation
  • AFTER-MARKET AND SERVICE: If you have questions about one of our products or need help with using it, contact our customer support team for fast, expert, one-to-one support.

This is what differentiates us in the market.

This is what we want for our customers.


1984 - Cologno Monzese

ECOTECHNO-Catalogo-1984Ecotecno manufactures the first system that combines two different technologies never used so far in the depuration industry, a new distillation process that allows the natural separation of acid salts, the depuration of wastewater and the treatment of sea or brackish water. The distillation throughput of the first vacuum evaporators and concentrators, water cleaners, desalters ranges from 70 to 5.500 l/day (Eco Mini, Eco Minor, Eco Midi, Eco Maxi e Super Eco).

1998 – Brugherio / Sesto S. Giovanni

ECOTECHNO-Catalogo-1998While continuing production of desalination and treatment plants, Ecotecno specializes in the design of vacuum evaporators and concentrator for the treatment of industrial wastewater. We start the production of plants with capacity above 10 m3 / day. It opens Klimeco: a commercial office dedicated to the distribution of the Ecotecno plants in Italy and worldwide.

2002 – Busnago

ECOTECHNO-Catalogo-2002In the early 2000s, and ECOTECNO DI.PE., a company highly specialized in water treatment plants, join to develop a new technology: low temperature vacuum evaporators powered with alternative sources, single and multiple effect to recycle up to 60 m3/day. To better meet the production requirements of this new market, ECOTECNO moves to new and larger premises in Busnago uniting efficiently all business functions, research, design and manufacturing. We open a chemical laboratory dedicated to analysis and treatment tests with pilot plants. In the 2008, we manufacture the first evaporator with distillation throughput 130 m3/day.

2014 – Busnago

Eco-Techno is born, a new modern and dynamic company up to date with the times.

ECOTECHNO-Catalogo-2015It is founded Eco-Techno, a new modern and dynamic company with a pool of experts in engineering, feasibility studies and chemical analyses to supply the solution to any depuration process. The company gets international certifications. It opens the department of biological systems with the dedicated staff.