Aftermarket & Service


The wealth of knowledge derived from daily contact with all industrial sectors, allows Eco-Techno to propose to every party solutions and not only plants.
We design and install different water treatment technologies, whether they are complementary to the evaporators, or alternative like chemical-physical systems, reverse osmosis, demineralization, filtration, biological plants, pyrolysis.


Despite the 3.200 systems installed worldwide, each new project is designed on the specifications of each individual customer.
The careful evaluation of process variables, the layout and the context where the evaporator is installed is of fundamental importance for the choice of materials and all technical options.

Laboratory test and pilot plants

Each company has its own characteristics.
For a truly customized solution, ECO-TECHNO can make laboratory tests with lab or pilot plants. The analysis is performed directly by the staff in our research lab or at the customer premises
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Rental of pilot plants

Eco-Techno can provide pilot plants for renting to test short and long term or for targeted specific interventions.


Eco-Techno guarantees a quality service for the entire life of each single machine.
Considering that the life of our evaporators is much longer than 15 years, we set a service team to guarantee:

  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Training
  • Process advice
  • Service on the spot
  • Online monitoring and remote service via modem

Remote service

The remote service allows the control of the plant from the control room of the headquarter to be fast and effective when the customer needs and to cut the service costs.
The software installed in the machine does not need to be updated over the years.