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Experience and know-how

ECO-TECHNO designs and manufactures vacuum evaporators from over 30 years. More than 3000 evaporators are installed all over the world.


There is no compromise on quality for us. We use top quality materials and the best components present in the market.

Professional Competence

From the first moment of contact with the customer to the final installation. A team of experts that coordinates smoothly all processes.


Being the leader means to ensure a quick and effective service. Workshop-vans equipped with all spare parts. Worldwide service via remote control.

Our Products

ECO-TECHNO designs and manufactures evaporators and concentrators: low temperature with heat pump or thermal with hot water or steam, high temperature and crystallizers. Each plant is custom-made according to the water-based solution and the cost-effectiveness.

30 mSteam-powered multiple-effect evaporator for recycling water from plastic tanks cleaning. Sheltering installation and equipped with special insulation for boiling vessels and piping.

     ECO 30.000 DPM3

4 m3 Heat pump evaporator for wastewater purification from food industry. Outdoor special version with insulating paneling.

     ECO 4.000 VS-HPP

20 m3/ day hot water double-effect evaporator,  used for cleaning process water containing oil emulsions. Version with insulating paneling.

     ECO 20.000 DPM2

30 m3/day hot water multiple-effect evaporator for the treatment of release agents from aluminum die casting.

     ECO 30.000 DPM3

100 m3/day steam-powered single-effect evaporator used in the sodium chloride production.  Special version to obtain a heavy concentrate with high solid percentage.

     ECO 100.000 DPM1-SE

Heat pump evaporator 750 liters per day for the treatment and recycling of cleaning water after DPI in the mechanic industry.

     ECO 750 DPE-HP

100 m3/day couple of multiple-effect evaporators, each one, used respectively for the treatment of oil emulsions and saline wastewaters / brackish.

     ECO 100.000 DPM3-SE

90 m3/day hot water multiple-effect evaporator, used in the treatment of water from anaerobic digestion from MSW.

     ECO 90.000 DPM3-SE

5.5 m3 heat pump evaporator for the recycling of wastewater from regeneration of IBC and tanks.

     ECO 5.500 VS-HP

6 m3 couple of evaporators powered by hot water and equipped of scraping system, used for the treatment of liquids containing inks.

     ECO 6000 VR-WW

20 m3 double- effect evaporator powered by hot water, used in the treatment of animal origin digestates.

     ECO 20.000 DPM2-SE

Expansion of an evaporator model ECO 4000 DPM1 to ECO 12.000 DPM3 steam powered. The production capacity has been tripled maintaining the thermal consumptions nearly unchanged.

     espansione ECO DPM

Steam evaporator used for the super concentration of centrifuge output in the sodium chloride production. The concentrator is equipped of a special internal Archimedes’ screw for the concentrate automatic ejection.

     ECO 3000 DRY-WW

Heat pump evaporators of different capacities, used for the concentration of natural aromas for food use. Special boiling vessel design to minimize raw material dispersion.

     N° 4 ECO VS-HP

Couple of steam-powered  evaporators equipped with internal scraping system, used for the inked water  treatment from printing process.

     N° 2 ECO VR-WW

Single effect thermal evaporator feed by hot water used for the treatment of RO concentrates and exhausted rinses in galvanizing. Daily capacity: 10.000 litres.

     ECO 10.000 DPM1

Double effect vacuum evaporator feed by heat pump with 60 tons of daily capacity, used for the treatment of industrial washings.

     ECO 60.000 DE-HP

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The more than 3.200 evaporators installed all over the world, are the best reference of the competencies to run effective solutions to wastewater and recycling management.